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What is the minimum order quantity?

Packed products: A minimum of 500 jars per product. 

Bulk products: A minimum of 1 box. Some boxes contain only 5.000 pcs. Smaller products (B12 and D3) can contain up to 100.000 pcs per box. Please reach out to us to know the exact MOQ of the product you’re interested in.

Custom-made products: Capsules and tablets can be ordered from 150.000 pcs. Softgels have a MOQ of 300.000 pcs.

What's the lead time?

Packed products: Within two weeks after receival of the materials needed.

Bulk products: If we have stock, we will send the order out within two working days.

Custom-made products: Depending on the product, custom formulas will be supplied in 4 to 16 weeks. We’re fully aware that this is far apart. It’s just really dependable on the product itself.

Anyway, we will always be realistic and transparent when it comes to delivery time and possible delays. This is part of our philosophy!


Does BHS Nutrition produce the bulk in-house?

Not yet, but we do fill the jars in-house. With our three machines we currently have a capacity of 30.000 jars a day.

In 2024 we’ll move to a new location in Almere. This will allow us to serve our customers even faster with our own encapsulation lines.

All our suppliers are certified and regularly audited. Quality first!

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